Inspired by each band's unique sound, I create digital, conceptual illustrations and websites, since 2008

These works are licensed under a Creative Commons International License

Commissioned for the following band artists:

Shadow's Far, Burning Black, Shadowpath, Crosswind, Broken Fate, Christian Muenzner, Chthonian Alchemy, Scanner, Christian Muenzner, Shadowpath, Scorch, The Last Warning, Exumer, Celestial Immunity, Fireforce, Blow Job


28 Sep 2021

In the past months along with Bloodstained Ground, we kept busy creating their new upcoming album's artwork. The new (third) album will be entitled "Horrors of a Withered Dimension" and continues from the point of their previous album "A Poem of Misery", released back in 2014. You can follow the band if you are interested to melodic Death/Black metal sound.


Always inspired by each band's unique sound.

These works are licensed under a Creative Commons International License

Commissioned for the following band artists:

Silius, Aeon Aphelion, Fueled By Fear, Blood Bound, Hellvetica, Bloodstained Ground, Mahakala, Artillery

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I started drawing and designing stuff at a young age for various bands from the underground music scene and as well some fanzines. I take responsibility for managing my own freelance business since 2003 as a part-time freelancer Digital designer & Illustrator. I was specialized in music websites as well as in print where I have published my own fan magazine (for the underground metal scene). After acquiring graphic and web development skills around 2008, I created my first digital illustrations and online media, for Metal & Rock bands in Europe, mainly.

I was among the top 5 MySpace designers worldwide, the years when MySpace was the main Social Media/Music platform, working for bands like Dimmu Borgir, Rotting Christ, and with over 100 bands from all over the world. The music industry has given me the opportunity to work with a wide range of talented and popular people and bands over the years. Can't be more thankful for that!

With a growing client base of music labels and bands, I impress an international client base, the last two decades. Nowadays, I continue to work as a part-time freelance digital illustrator and web designer, when it’s possible, on various projects.


With more than a decade of experience, I have built a client base that includes record labels, bands, design firms, and publishing‌ ‌companies.

Kreator, Nightfall, Scanner, Riot V, Christian Muenzner, Steel Prohpet, Salem, Den Saakaldte, Exumer, Falloch, In Mourning, Troll, Hail Spirit Noir, Bloodstained Ground, Disparaged, Ashes You Leave, Desultory, Devil's Train, Interment, Transcending Bizarre, Tangent Plane, FireForce, Illusion Suite, Mahakala, Master, I.Anastassakis, Pantheon I, Daylight Misery, Crosswind, Burning Black, Celestial Immunity, Hellrazer, Gus Drax, Ethereal Blue, Blow Job, The Last Warning, The Percent

My compliments & congratulations for his design skills and creativity talent. His actions speak better than my words! Working with him was a real pleasure.

He's a very communicative person & he really worked with big commitment to my page. Always good willing & being positive on any matter.


Borknagar, Arcturus, Dimmu Borgir


Designing illustrations is a passion of mine. As I work on each project, I share my own perspective and accentuate what is needed to approach a precise style or look. Every band gets a detailed delivered project and gets the best presentation in print media and online.

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It is my specialty to design and code unique web interfaces with great graphics, clean code, and structure. My goal is to help a band’s website grow within the web industry and claim a place among visitors' bookmarks!

Latest websites: Mystic Prophecy, FireForce, Steel Engraved